Garage Options for Manufactured Homes

manufactured home garage options
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For many people, a garage is an essential part of a home. The garage helps keep a homeowner’s vehicle clean and safe, provides storage space, and can even be a space for working on personal projects.

Fortunately, manufactured homeowners have several options for getting a mobile home with a garage. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the ways to add a garage to a manufactured home and how to choose the most appropriate option for your home.

Manufactured Home Garage Options

The options for a manufactured home with a garage are typically as follows:

1. Pre-Attached Garage: In many manufactured home communities, home models with attached garages are available. This is the easiest way to get a garage for your manufactured home—by buying a home that already has a garage attached. Many home builders also offer garages as an optional add-on to their standard mobile home floor plans.

2. Detached Garage: Adding a detached garage to your property is a relatively simple and effective way to give your manufactured home a garage. A detached garage sits apart from your home on your property and can provide an independent space for working on projects. However, some homeowners prefer the look and convenience of an attached garage.

3. Attached Garage: Attaching a garage to a manufactured home is a more complex, time-consuming operation and may cost more than other options. However, when done right, this option will provide a great-looking and structurally sound garage that blends in with the rest of your manufactured home. Attached garages come in two styles: adjacent, in which the garage connects to the home but is actually a free-standing structure, and integrated, in which the garage shares a wall with the home.

4. Carport: Adding a carport is another option that offers the best of both worlds. A carport is an awning over your driveway or another part of your yard that affords your vehicle some protection from the weather. Carports may or may not have walls.

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Each of these options has its advantages. So how should a homeowner determine which one is the right choice for their manufactured home?

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Choosing the Right Mobile Home Garage Option

The right garage option is one that meets the unique needs of your home and family, as well as obeying all relevant rules and laws. Take the following considerations into account when selecting your garage option:

  • First, know that your choice may be affected by local laws and community rules. If you live in a manufactured home community, read your land lease agreement and community rules for information about what kinds of structures you may or may not add to your home and which, if any, modifications you may make to the property.
  • In most jurisdictions, you’ll need a building permit to add any kind of garage, even if you own the land your home is on. Many places require a permit even for a carport. Most building contractors will handle the permit process for the homeowner as part of their services.
  • Whatever option you choose, it will need to be attached to a suitable foundation. Attached garages are only recommended for manufactured homes affixed to a permanent foundation such as a slab or basement, and most will require an expanded foundation to be laid for the garage. A detached garage requires a foundation (usually a poured slab), and even carports will usually need a concrete slab installed if there isn’t already a suitable concrete driveway present.garage options for manufactured homes
  • It’s typically best to have your garage or carport installed by a professional unless you have advanced carpentry skills and know-how to pour a concrete foundation. Simple carports can sometimes be installed by a homeowner with a little bit of DIY knowledge, but make sure to read the directions carefully.
  • If you’re having a garage added to an existing manufactured home, contact your manufactured home builder first to find out if they can add a garage to your home. The builder will have the most expertise on how to work with your specific model of home, and they may have siding and trim options that will match your home more closely.
  • Check with your home manufacturer to learn whether attaching a garage to your home will affect your warranty, as some warranties can be voided by attaching unauthorized structures.

MHVillage offers information that manufactured home owners need to choose, maintain, and improve their manufactured homes. Next, take a look at our article on easy mobile home improvements to increase your home’s value.

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