Everything You Need To Know About Moving Your Family into a Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes in 2022 are a great option for those coming from all walks of life – especially families. Whether you have one child or several, or even if your family is just beginning to take shape, a manufactured home for families offers high value and gives any family the opportunity to settle into the lifestyle of their dreams. 

Here’s the rundown on how to move your family into a manufactured home:  

Finding a Family-Sized Home

Just because a manufactured home is factory-built doesn’t mean they’re one-size-fits-all. In fact, you’ll find that manufactured homes come in a wide variety of different sizes and square footages

One common type of manufactured homes is called a single-wide. A single-wide manufactured home typically measures 16 feet wide by 80 feet long, and while the square footage can vary, you’ll usually find single-wide manufactured homes with anywhere from 480 to 1,440 square feet. 

While this may be enough for small families, you may also consider a double-wide manufactured home if you plan to have, or currently have, children. While a double-wide is not always twice as large as a single-wide, you can generally find a double-wide that has more square footage than a single-wide. In fact, double-wides can have up to 3,000 square feet of space. 

As you look for manufactured homes for your family, keep in mind how much space you’ll want for everyone. If the adults need more office space for a remote job, or the kids each want their own bedroom, a double-wide may be the way to go.

All-Ages Communities

Many manufactured homes are located in communities that allow residents of all ages. These communities can make for a great environment to raise a family in for a number of reasons. 

First, communities make manufactured homeownership easy by operating under a “land-lease” model. This means that you own the home while leasing the land that it sits on. For the cost of lot rent, you can have a variety of your monthly housing expenses covered, including some utilities and property taxes. Each community will have different guidelines on what lot rent covers. 

Manufactured home communities also provide amenities that you and your family may have at your disposal while you live there. These amenities can include anything from pools and jacuzzis to dog parks and walking trails to athletic courts for basketball and tennis. These can provide quality family time if you’re looking for something to do together. Similar to lot rent, the amenities a community offers will vary, so check to see which ones are offered near you. 

You can also search for all-ages communities on MHVillage by selecting “Only All-Ages Parks” under the Park Type dropdown menu.

Other Things to Consider

Moving near schools

If you’re moving your family into a manufactured home, it’ll be worth exploring homes that are nearby highly-rated school districts. This way, you can ensure that your children are getting the best education they can possibly get while living in a manufactured home.

Alternatively, if your children will soon be of college age, it’s also worth exploring manufactured homes that are nearby local colleges or universities that they may be interested in. 

A Home You’ll Grow Into

While it’s important to move into a manufactured home that fits you and your family today, if you plan on growing your family in the future you’ll also want to make sure your family has that room to grow. When browsing manufactured homes, consider ones that you’ll not only fit into today, but could potentially fit in 5-10 years from now. 

If you’re getting ready to move your family into a manufactured home, let MHVillage help you along the way. Visitors to MHVillage can browse thousands of manufactured homes all across the country, with sizes and models that are perfect for any family. Start your manufactured home search today by searching for new or pre-owned manufactured homes near you.  

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