Manufactured Home Buyer Survey: 72% Still Want to Buy

Mobile Home Buying Survey COVID-19

Homebuyers Respond to 2-Question Survey In the Midst of COVID-19

Original research and data from MHVillage show a great majority of manufactured home buyers remain in the market to buy a home – a very positive response overall.

Of 1,859 self-identified manufactured home buyers who responded, 72% said they continue their search to rent or buy a manufactured or mobile home. More than 16% of the respondents halted the search to buy a manufactured home because they’ve already made the home purchase.

For the survey, MHVillage contacted more than 49,000 homebuyers nationwide. More than 13% of those who opened the survey form participated in the manufactured home buyer survey.

For all the results, see the buyer infographic the MHVillage team created with data from the survey.

Manufactured Home Consumers Are Still Looking to Buy

Manufactured Home Buying Survey COVID-19

— infographic design by Merit Kathan

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