Six Low Maintenance Plants That Will Flourish in a Small Space Garden in Orlando

Small Space Garden in Orlando

Tips for a Small Space Garden in Orlando That Will Liven Up Your Outdoor Space

With a near 70 percent of sunny days each year, Central Florida is a prime spot for a small space garden in Orlando. However, under the Florida sun, some of those plants require a lot of maintenance time due to so much growth.

Small space gardening for mobile home communities and tiny home villages requires outdoor plants that are not too large and will do well if moved.

Consider these low maintenance plants for a small space gardens in Orlando mobile home parks. They will thrive and not take up too much space!

  1. Coreopsis

As Florida’s state flower, the Coreopsis screams joy with its bright yellow and deep red coloring. The flowers of the Coreopsis are shaped similarly to daisies and offer cheery beauty to any small space garden in Orlando.

Butterflies are strongly attracted to this plant. Coreopsis comes in multiple shade varieties like gold, pink and red. Place a pot of Coreopsis in full sun or part shade either on a porch or near an outdoor seating area so you can enjoy the beauty and majesty of this annual flower.

  1. Caribbean Agave

This beautiful perennial would do great in a large pot or planted as an accent in an OrlandoSmall Space Garden in Orlando garden. The Caribbean Agave is a hardy plant that requires very little maintenance. It features stiff straight leaves in a rosette shape that offers modern geometrical interest to any space.

A Caribbean Agave can grow up to three feet tall and require only moderate watering. It enjoys being in areas that receive full sun and the variegated pale green and white edged leaves offer a beautiful accent for the eye.

  1. Wild Allamanda

Small Space Garden in Orlando
The Wild Allamanda (or Yellow Mandevilla) adds a punch of color to your small space garden.

Native to the Florida area, the Wild Allamanda also is known as the Yellow Mandevilla. It is a perennial vine that offers glossy leaves among bright yellow flowers. Blooms will appear between spring and fall as well. The Wild Allamanda can handle dry central Florida weather and attracts the polka-dot wasp moth caterpillar. Use this plant near a porch railings or doorways that will allow it to grow up to 4 feet long.


  1. Rosemary

This popular herb does very well in pots and is a great option for the small space garden inSmall Space Garden in Orlando Orlando. It not only will provide fresh herbs for your meals but also provide a wonderfully fragrant scent in your outdoor living space. Rosemary grows in small bush form and can get up to three feet tall. It enjoys full sun and can withstand dry to moderate water conditions.


  1. Succulents

Small Space Garden in Orlando
Succulents require little water, will thrive all year and even can be kept indoors near a sunny window.

The many variations of succulents are the perfect plant for any kind of small gardening and tiny living situation. Succulents can be planted in the ground as well as in a rock garden. They also do well in large or small pots and can even be used as an indoor plant along a windowsill. Succulents take up little space and are easy to maintain with little watering needed. They do well in sunny areas and certain varieties do slowly spread as well.

  1. Dwarf Pentas

For non-stop blooms in your small space garden in Orlando, look no farther than the DwarfSmall Space Garden in Orlando Pentas. This popular Floridian flower is easy to grow and produces beautiful blooms in either white, lavender, red, or pink. The dwarf size grows to about a foot tall making this a great option for those with smaller gardens.

Butterflies and hummingbirds will flock to the Pentas’ blooms providing a bit of outdoor entertainment. Place Dwarf Pentas in an area that receives either part shade to full sun. The plant can handle moderate drought conditions once it is well established.

Small Space Gardens Help Maintain a Property and Beautify a Community

Adding low maintenance plants around your manufactured home or tiny house will help the area environment by conserving water and being naturally adjusted to Orlando’s weather patterns. Similar to watering a lawn in Orlando, though, make sure to water (when needed) in the late afternoon to reduce quick evaporation.

It will also cut down on time outdoors working under the hot Floridian sun when you could be sitting out and enjoying the weather. Remember to check with management in the Florida community where you live for guidelines on gardening. And then consider any of these low maintenance plants that will flourish in a small space garden in Orlando.

Lucy Crawford is a home design, DIY writer, and lover of herbal tea. With her busy hands she is always challenging herself with a new DIY project. She enjoys designing spaces where she can relax and enjoy a good book.