The Definitive Checklist: Everything To Do Before You List Your Mobile Home

If you’re getting ready to list your mobile home for sale, you want your listing to get the attention of as many prospective buyers as possible. People who browse mobile homes will want to find a home that personally calls to them, and as the seller your job is to make your listing pop to ensure your mobile home sells as fast as it possibly can. 

Our checklist of everything to do before you list your mobile home listing will help your listing shine: 

Consider Where You’ll Move

Before you think about selling your mobile home, first you should have a game plan for what you’ll do after your home sells. Do you already own your next home, or are in the process of buying? Or do you have other living arrangements lined up? 

No matter what your plans will be once you sell your mobile home, you want to plan as far in advance as you can so that you’re not left without a home once you sell. Many home sellers choose to start their mobile home search before their current home sells, and place offers on homes contingent on the sale of their existing home.  

Consider If The Time if Right

There are many factors that impact whether a mobile home market is ripe for selling. Used mobile homes in 2022 sell at higher prices than in years past, meaning that mobile home sellers can get more money now for their mobile homes. However, for many sellers, the extent to which they need to sell may vary. 

For example, if you’re growing your family and need more space for your children to play, you may have a strong need to buy a new mobile home. Some home sellers may not need to sell as urgently, but the market should also be a consideration when you make that decision. 

Know Your Market, and Your Price

Before you decide to list your mobile home, do some research in your local market to see what mobile homes sell for. Look into such items as their condition, their size, their location (such as if it’s located near a highway or a downtown complex), and what other features or amenities they come with. 

This will give you a strong idea of what homes similar to yours will sell for in your market. This, of course, will also be based on a professional mobile home appraisal and inspection. 

Staging Your Home

Staging your mobile home is a crucial step before you sell. Regardless of your mobile home’s value, if it’s not appealing visually when you list your home online, you’ll have trouble finding a seller. 

When you stage your mobile home, you usually redecorate the interior – from the furniture to a fresh coat of paint – to make it as attractive as possible for mobile home buyers. When it comes to your mobile home, a picture does indeed tell a thousand words, and you want to communicate through photos that your home will provide a high-quality space for living, dining, entertaining, and everything else under your roof. 

Here are a few tips for when you’re staging your home: 

  • Don’t get too complicated with your furniture. A smart, simple layout focused on communal gatherings, such as chairs around a table or couches facing each other, looks good in photos. 
  • Get a fresh coat of paint up there. It bears repeating that painting your mobile home before you list it can make it look fresher and newer, thus increasing its visual appeal 
  • Less is more. Square footage is an important selling point for homes, so when staging your mobile home, ensure it’s as clutter free as possible to show off all of the space that you have. 

Marketing Your Home 

When writing your mobile home listing, you’ll want to use phrases and terms that draw readers into your home – both figuratively and literally. 

For example, you want to find words that play up the factors that make your home appealing – such as the size of your home, the layout of your kitchen, any new appliances you may have, and so on. These can include, if they apply: 

  • “State-of-the-art appliances”
  • “Open concept kitchen”
  • “A large home ready to move-in”
  • “Endless entertainment space”
  • And so on.

For the outside of your home, if you have a wide patio or a deck perfect for entertaining, call those out too. Also let your readers know if you’re selling a mobile home on the lakefront.

The main idea here is to put a prospective buyer in your shoes. Talk about rooms that are perfect for entertaining or remote work, and reference all of the relaxing they’ll get to do in your home. When a home buyer sees themselves in the home, they will be more likely to show interest in it. 

Now that we’ve gone over the different ways to make your home listing pop, it’s time to get your listing published. Head over to MHVillage today to publish your mobile home listing

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