6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Mobile Home Value: Upgrades, Repairs, Tips

Improve your mobile home value repairs

Thinking about listing your mobile home for sale? Like any piece of property, you can maximize profit on the sale of your home if you spend a little time spiffing it up before you place it on the market. There are a few mobile home specific things you can do to enhance value. We’re here to help you improve your mobile home value without a huge spend.

6 Steps to Help Improve Mobile Home Value

Improve mobile home value - invest into the community

1. Where Possible, Upgrade

Potential buyers are dazzled by the sparkly and new. So, one of the many beauties of living in a mobile home is that it’s fairly easy to order and replace parts. Common items to upgrade a mobile home are new windows, doors, skirting. Anything that’s broken, faded, chipping or peeling must be revamped. Address any aesthetically unpleasing components, including any particularly out-of-date paint colors, patterns, and textures.

2. Add Some Smart Features

Pay attention to the latest data on what home-buyers want. Use that information to help guide decisions. For example, one recent report showed that energy-efficient appliances and windows were desired by 89 percent of buyers, along with perks like ceiling fans and laundry rooms. Anything you can do to lower the general maintenance costs of the home will translate to better returns.

3. Replace the Skirting

The skirting on a manufactured home says more about age, condition and quality of the house than most features. Not to mention the fact that skirting helps keep away pests and moisture. Yet, it’s one of the top things manufactured homeowners overlook. Whether you give your existing skirting a power wash or upgrade to some trendy faux stone or steel skirting, you can bet this update will translate to extra dollars for a home seller.

4. Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

Don’t get too overwhelmed by the seemingly endless paint color options out there. There are a few tried and true options that are believed to raise a home’s value. Something as simple as investigating a lesser utilized door color can pay dividends. Note, if you have vinyl-over-gypsum (VOG) wall panels in your manufactured home, you should select a primer and paint that adheres well to this surface and make sure you properly prepare them for the new paint

5. Add Or Improve the Carport

For buyers transitioning to a manufactured home, a carport may be one of those non-negotiable features. If you already have one, do a thorough clean and make small repairs. In addition, brush or blow off the roof to get rid of any leaves, dirt, debris, and moss. And, if you don’t currently have a carport, it may be worth your while to install one to increase your home’s final sale price.

6. Invest in the Community

In the manufactured home market, the park or community where the unit sits has a massive impact on the value of the home. If you’re a member of a co-op or sit on the board of your HOA, spend some time encouraging improvements to the community. Kickstarting projects like paving the roads, building a playground, dog park or boosting overall curb appeal can hike up the value of your home and doesn’t require you to do or spend anything directly.

Getting a Value on Your Mobile Home

Once you’ve made a few small but impactful improvements, it’s time to revisit the question, how much is my mobile home worth? The good news is that this can be determined in a number of ways. One option includes referencing the book value (an inexpensive, fast option that will give you a “book estimate”). A second and more reliable option is to request a market-based mobile home appraisal from Datacomp (an in-depth valuation involving market research and an onsite inspection that will give you the most accurate value possible).

List Your Home on MHVillage

Last but not least: list your home on MHVillage! As one of the most comprehensive resources for selling mobile homes, you can’t go wrong when you list your property for sale on our massive marketplace.

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