How to Sell a Mobile Home in Florida

How to sell a mobile home in Florida
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With over 600 Florida manufactured home dealers and over 9,000 manufactured homes for sale in Florida right now, the Sunshine State is among America’s largest markets for manufactured homes. Sellers in Florida will find a solid market for quality homes, as the state’s balmy weather and low taxes continue to attract new residents

However, in a market with so many choices, it can be challenging to find the right way to sell a mobile home in Florida. We’ll look at some of the key parts of how to sell a mobile home in Florida and what a new seller can expect from the process.

Agent or No Agent? 

One of the first decisions Florida manufactured home sellers must make is whether or not to work with an agent. Selling a manufactured home “for sale by owner” (FSBO) can be a little bit trickier than selling with an agent, but each has its advantages. 

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Selling a manufactured home without an agent can potentially save a seller thousands of dollars. Furthermore, it’s easier than ever for manufactured homeowners to sell their homes without an agent. Sites like MHVillage provide a variety of for sale by owner listing tools to make advertising effective and connecting with buyers simple.

However, there’s no denying that using an agent offers some benefits. Agents do the legwork of showing the property to potential buyers and can help sellers market their homes more effectively. Agents can also provide help with paperwork, mobile home financing and other important aspects of the sales process. 

For those who do choose to work with an agent, try to find one with expertise selling manufactured homes. It’s a specialized market that often involves different paperwork than selling a site-built home. Since many agents don’t deal with manufactured homes, it’s important to do due diligence on anyone you hire to ensure that they’re the right one for the job. 

Preparation and Advertising 

A successful manufactured home sale doesn’t just happen—a seller needs to prepare their home to attract customers and pique interest. 

Professional appraisal and inspection are important early steps for selling your mobile home. A professional manufactured home appraiser, such as Datacomp, conducts thorough market-based appraisals of manufactured homes that make it easier for sellers to price their homes appropriately. Datacomp also provides professional inspections that help spot critical manufactured home repairs and give potential buyers confidence about your manufactured home. 

Marketing and advertising are also critical tasks. Creating promotional materials, hosting open houses and optimizing listing copy and photos are all important. Although an agent can help with them, it’s perfectly possible to do them on your own. Check out our articles like Tips to Help You Nail Your Open House for important dos and don’ts for manufactured home marketing.

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Finally, make sure that your home is clean and presentable. Inside, make sure that critical areas like carpets and bathrooms are clean, and consider neutral decor schemes that help potential buyers imagine a house as their own. Outside, trim the grass, pull the weeds and think about adding a little low-maintenance garden foliage if you don’t currently have any. It can really help bring a property to life.

Florida Mobile Home Paperwork

The state of Florida requires specific documentation and paperwork for manufactured home sellers. Some of the key documents that may be required include:

  • The vehicle title of the manufactured home (if titled as chattel) or the real estate deed (if titled as real estate)
  • Bill of sale for the manufactured home, with both the seller’s signature and the buyer’s
  • Tax records to prove the seller has paid all applicable taxes on the manufactured home

If you’re selling a manufactured home through an agent, your agent will be able to guide you through the paperwork. For those selling by owner, make sure to read up on the important mobile home paperwork you’ll need to complete. 

The actual transfer of title will happen after the sale has closed. If the home is titled as chattel, the buyer must go to the Florida DMV with the seller’s signed documents to have the title transferred. Once the title is transferred, the buyer will receive a tax sticker, which they must affix to the exterior of their home to show that the home is in good standing. 

Finally, remember that many mobile home communities in Florida (and elsewhere) have additional requirements for selling a home in their community, such as giving park owners right of first refusal or using the park’s sales representative to sell a home. Check the individual requirements of your park if selling a manufactured home located in a community. 

Sell Your Home Like a Pro

MHVillage is the premier Florida online mobile home sales site. We offer Florida mobile home sellers an easy-to-use interface and millions of unique site visitors per month, plus a free mobile home value for every home listed. Check back with our blog for more state-by-state tips on the best way to sell your manufactured home, and make sure to read our Mobile Home Seller’s Guide for more key tips and insights.

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