How to Sell a Mobile Home in Colorado

How to Sell a Mobile Home in Colorado

If you want to sell a mobile home in Colorado, it may require some work. However, you can go through the process quite effortlessly if you follow a few tips. To ensure a fast sale, you will need a good plan, a bit of knowledge, and the right tools. Our guide will teach you about the basics of selling a mobile home in Colorado so you can make your sale a success. 

Although the demand for affordable housing is on the rise, people often fail to consider mobile homes as an option. And there is no good reason for that, as mobile homes can be an excellent option for anyone who wants to save a bit on money on housing but splurge on actual living. 

Having said that, it’s important to mention that selling a mobile home does come with some challenges. The fact that it loses its value over time is definitely a factor. Also, it doesn’t seem easy to find an agent willing to sell your mobile home. More importantly, it can be tricky to get financing for these homes. Therefore, we will help you overcome any potential difficulties and ensure a successful sale.

Who is selling your home – agent or no agent?

If you have decided to sell a mobile home in Colorado, you have more options regarding how you want to go about the process. 

In case your home is in a mobile home park, tell your park management that you are planning to sell. Most parks offer agents’ assistance when selling, which is an excellent opportunity if you want to go through the entire process more conveniently. The agent will organize everything, from house showings to paperwork. They will also know how to help you make your home more presentable and attractive to potential buyers.  

Another option is to sell your home yourself or through a real estate agent of your choice. If your mobile home is located on the property you own, this is the way to go. Should you decide to go with an agent, you have to invest some time finding the one experienced in selling mobile homes. Alternatively, if you opt for the for sale by owner option, you can save a substantial amount of money you would otherwise give on the agent’s fees. However, this path will require a lot more engagement on your part.

Some people choose to sell their home to a mobile home dealer. However, keep in mind that while this option is by far the simplest and quickest, they will pay less than a private buyer.

Appraisal and inspection

Having your home appraised and inspected is crucial when selling your mobile home. MHVillage offers a free Datacomp book value for all manufactured homes listed on our site. However, a professional appraisal is highly recommended.

mobile home appraisal

While appraisal will help you determine the home’s value and, thus, set a reasonable price, professional inspection will point out any significant problems that need addressing. After you have dealt with the issues the inspection has found, potential buyers will feel more confident when making the final decision to invest in your home. 

Cost-effective home repairs

Upon the inspection, you should determine which issues are worth addressing. While the good news is that repairs on a mobile home are often less expensive than on a traditional house, you shouldn’t break the bank by fixing every single issue. 

The repairs you should focus on the most are those concerning the home’s aesthetic appeal. Painting the entire home and replacing fixtures like doorknobs and faucets can make a huge difference. You may also want to invest in some staging props to simulate the place where your potential buyer will want to live. 

You must ensure that the major systems, such as plumbing and electrical wiring, are in good working order. If these are in poor shape, it can dramatically affect your home value. 

Marketing your mobile home

When you decide to sell a mobile home in Colorado, marketing it properly is essential. If you have decided to hire an agent, they will do most of the work here. If not, you will have to do more leg work. First and foremost, make sure you include as much information as possible. This will attract more buyers to come and look at your property.  

To make your Colorado mobile home sell fast, you need to market it well.

The curb appeal

Do not underestimate the curb appeal. The outside is as important as the inside of your home. Furthermore, it’s the first impression your mobile home will make. And first impressions are not easy to change. Invest a bit of time and money in the landscaping, and we have already mentioned the fresh coat of paint and new fixtures. 

Hire a professional photographer

Regardless of whether you have hired a real estate agent or decided to go with the FSBO approach, if you want to sell quickly, make sure you get some exceptional photographs of your place. The imagery you use will determine the faith of your sale. A professional photographer will know how to deal with smaller spaces that are notorious for not photographing well. They will also know how to present your home in the best possible way. 

Add incentives

Use your creativity and imagination to create the best offer for your buyers. For example, some buyers may appreciate it if you leave the furniture. Make sure it’s in decent condition, though. Also, if you know flooring is due for replacement, you can offer a $1000 credit. However, remember to include these incentives in your price, so you don’t end up losing money. 

Selling your home implies that you have to move to a new house. Perhaps, in Denver, if you have opted for a bigger city. And that will also include some expenses. Remember that you have to calculate the budget for this process too so that the move goes smoothly. 

Colorado mobile home paperwork 


When the deal has been made, the paperwork for transferring ownership will include:

  • One title per mobile home
  • Bill of sale 
  • Mobile Home Transfer Declaration form.

Bring the signed forms to DMV, where you will pay the transfer tax and the transfer fees. There is no need for a notary. Ideally, both the buyer and the seller should be present at DMV to expedite any issues. Also, it’s advisable that the seller goes to the DMV and makes sure the transfer has been done. However, if that is not possible, only the buyer will suffice. 

Take all the forms and receipts the DMV has provided you with to the local recording office, and the ownership will be officially transferred there. The new title should arrive by mail within 2-4 weeks. 

Sell Your Home Like a Seasoned Expert

Hopefully, these tips on how to sell a mobile home in Colorado will help you ensure a fast and successful sale. Although it may take some work, our team is here to provide you with useful resources.

For more details and guidance, be sure to read our new, in-depth guide for how to sell a mobile home in 2021.

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