Great Reasons to Love Manufactured Housing

Reasons to love manufactured housing
A new single-section Legacy Home shown during The Tunica Show in March 2018.

Today’s New Homes Provide Major Consumer Benefits and Many Reasons to Love Manufactured Housing

Homes constructed in a factory are rapidly gaining in popularity, given the high prices of site-built homes. Add to that an undercurrent of interest in downsizing, simplifying, and building community, and you can begin to understand why the manufacturers of new homes are keeping busy.

With that said, here are three primary reasons to love manufactured housing.

Less Expensive

The price of a new manufactured home can change for many reasons. Geographic location, home features, floor plans and logistical details will alter the home price. However, the sales price for a new manufactured home ranges from under $20,000 for a single-section home with basic features to prices in excess of $100,000 for a deluxe multi-section home.

As a result, construction cost per square foot for a new manufactured home averages anywhere from 10 to 40 percent less than a comparable site-built home, excluding the cost of land.

Easy on the wallet? Yes, there’s a reason we started with cost as one of the primary reasons to love manufactured housing. Cost matters, especially in this market.

Reasons to Love Manufactured Housing
The interior of a Champion park model, shown at The Tunica Show in 2018.

Quality Control

There are major benefits to building in a factory, and quality control is high up on the list for reasons to love manufactured housing.

  • Control over all aspects of the mobile home construction process
  • Weather will not interfere with construction and cause costly delays
  • Immediate and professional supervision of all technicians, craftsmen, and assemblers
  • Building materials and equipment are protected from theft and weather-related damage
  • Bulk purchasing of construction materials results in customer savings
  • Interim construction financing is significantly reduced or eliminated
  • Multiple inspectors are involved in the quality assurance process
Reasons to love manufactured housing
The master bath with a freestanding shower in Champion Homes’ Catena 6050 shown during The Tunica Show in March 2018.

Home Features

Modern manufactured homes today come with many features that you would find in a site-built home. Many floor plans are available, ranging from the basic models to more elaborate designs with living and dining rooms that offer …

  • vaulted ceilings
  • fully equipped modern kitchens
  • comfortable bedrooms with walk-in closets
  • bathrooms with free-standing and hot tub features
  • ample storage space
  • outdoor living attributes

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Options Inside and Out

You also may select from a variety of exterior designs, including aluminum, vinyl, wood or hardboard mobile home siding. Additionally, design features may include a bay window, a gable front or a pitched roof with shingles. Awnings, enclosures around the crawl space, patio covers, steps, porches, and decks also are available.

Because many manufacturers use the latest in computer-assisted design, you have the flexibility of selecting variations to the floor plans and decor, including the color and thickness of the carpeting. These options can include everything from the type of exterior siding materials to energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

All the provided options, the confidence in construction and the agreeable cost make factory-built homes a real draw for first-time homeowners, downsizers and retirees, as well as consumers simply looking to find a great deal on a home.