What Florida Can Teach Us About Scenic Mobile Homes

There are a few reasons why Florida is one of the nation’s hottest markets for manufactured housing. But, a key reason is the fact that scenic mobile homes in the Sunshine State couldn’t be more abundant. 

Whether you’d like to move to the Panhandle or right near the Florida Keys, here are a few reasons why Florida is one of the best states for scenic mobile homes: 

Waterfront views

When it comes to views right next to the lake, the gulf, or the Atlantic Ocean itself, Florida can’t be beat. Many manufactured homes and retirement communities are right near a body of water, making for the perfect sunrise or sunset view each and every day. 

This also makes a scenic backdrop for any walking trail, another popular amenity at communities. 

But the key thing to highlight here is that there’s perhaps no other state that has more manufactured homes or manufactured home communities quite like Florida. Because there’s water to nearly every side of the state, not to mention an abundance of lakes within, it’s truly hard to go wrong with a lakeside or oceanside view in Florida. 

Year-round warm weather

Florida mobile homes also benefit from year-round warm weather, which make it such a popular destination for retirees. 

Across the entire year, Florida’s average temperature is 72.1 degrees Fahrenheit, or 22.3 Celsius. That’s a lot warmer than other states, including those in the Midwest or Northeastern parts of the country. And while the average temperature in Florida in December and January can reach the low 60s, that’s an incredibly moderate temperature perfect for spending your winter months. 

State and National Parks

Manufactured homeowners in Florida are more than likely to be just a few miles away from one of Florida’s national or state parks at any given point. And while we can’t go over what’s great about every single one in just one blog post – there are 60 national parks and 175 state parks in Florida, after all – we can highlight a few favorites: 

  • Everglades National Park, is known for its beautiful forestry and swampland, teeming with wildlife and scenery galore. The best part? The park is only an hour or so away from Miami. 
  • Silver Springs State Park is regarded to be one of the best state parks in Florida, thanks to its beautiful spring, glass-bottom boat tours dating back 140 years, and hiking trails. 
  • Myakka River State Park, based near Sarasota, is another incredibly popular park for its kayaking routes and hiking and biking trails. And that doesn’t even cover its on-site campgrounds! 

If you’re looking for a mobile home in Florida and want to live near a national or state park, these three can be a great start – but your options are literally in the hundreds!

Picturesque Resort Communities 

Florida is a leader when it comes to resort-style communities that offer amenities left and right. From pools to spas to on-site events, Florida has a number of resort-style communities, both for those age 55 and up as well as for all-ages, that offer these kinds of amenities. 

If this is something you’re looking for in your scenic mobile home search, MHVillage enables users to look for mobile homes in Florida based on their presence in a community. And, you can even search for specific mobile home parks near you to find which one may have your favorite amenities.  

Top vacation spots 

Of course, we can’t talk about what makes Florida so great for scenic mobile homes without talking about the state’s many tourist attractions. 

First off are the amusement parks. Whether you want to head to Disney World, Universal Studios, or SeaWorld, Florida has it all. And, it’s not difficult to find mobile homes and mobile home parks near the state’s most popular tourist attractions. 

There are also the popular downtown centers, from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. These cities also often have plenty of mobile homes listings near them to look at if you desire nearby shopping and entertainment.

If you’re looking for a scenic mobile home in Florida, then look no further. MHVillage can get you started on your mobile home search today to find that perfect Florida mobile home of yours. Visit our database of Florida mobile homes to find your getaway home – or maybe even your everyday home.  

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