Finding a Retirement Community


If you are looking for a retirement community, there are a number of key details to help narrow your search…

Location is one of the biggest – A lot of consumers on our site look to move to warmer climates.

We have quite a number of Senior communities in Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada and South Carolina advertising on our site, for instance.

To begin looking for your ideal retirement community, you might want to start with some state-wide searches on MHVillage and then start to get a feel for the cities that interest you and allow you to narrow your search.

If you go to our home page, get started on your state-wide search via our “Search By State” map.

MHVillage Map Search Retirment CommunityFlorida Mobile Homes for Sale

Once you select your state, we will list to the right all of the homes in that state that have manufactured and mobile home sales listings. You also can simply click the area on the map if you know you want to be in a certain part of the State.

Often our customers looking to retire will choose the community tab from the top since they are looking for a community that is 55+. The “Showcased” communities on MHVillage have more information included — more photos, more extensive community information and contacts detail.

Each community will list pet restrictions, amenities, and activities, and as an option, they will provide ways to contact them with more questions. They also will list the homes on MHVillage that are available in their community. But if you have more questions, you will want to contact the community directly.

Plus, you can stay posted on homes or communities you like by clicking the “Like” option on the listing. If they update information, photos or lower a home price, you will get an email notification. You also can view your “Liked” listings from your free account on MHVillage.

If you have any questions about shopping for your retirement on MHVillage, let us know! We would be happy to walk you through the process.



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