Your Essential Fall Mobile Home Maintenance Checklist

fall mobile home maintenance

After sweating through another hot summer, it’s time to welcome autumn with open arms. Before you kick back and relax with a warm cup of cider, it’s also time to prepare for winter. Here’s your essential fall mobile home maintenance checklist.

Manufactured homes have their distinct advantages. Still, they require maintenance because winter can be rough on any home. So let’s walk through how to make fall work best for you and your home during the winter to come.

Inspect for Pests

Pests Mouse Fall Mobile Home ChecklistYou aren’t the only one who wants to head inside when the temperatures get cooler. Outdoor pests, such as bugs and rodents, use fall as an opportunity to secure their winter housing. Don’t provide these creatures with rent-free homes.

Make sure the exterior of your home is free from debris and repair any damaged skirting. This helps keep animals out, and it provides ventilation and insulation. Quality manufactured home skirting will also prevent high heating bills and the build-up of mold and mildew beneath your home.

You may not be able to close off every potential entry point. But, you can keep most pests out with a little bit of weather stripping, steel wool, or other deterrents.

rake fall mobile home maintenance

Tidy Up Outside

Fall is time to clean out your gutters and is an essential part of fall mobile home maintenance. While you’re up there, check the condition of your mobile home roof to make sure it’s in solid shape. If you find a leak, this is the time to reseal and recoat it.

It’s also important to rake your leaves. Come winter, a pile of wet, soggy leaves will invite mold, pests and will damage underlying grass.

Check for Cracks and Damages

Take a close look at both the exterior and interior of your mobile home. Cracks or other damage can indicate a larger problem, such as a home that isn’t leveled properly. Of course, cracks also let in the cold air. Most times, a little caulking can solve the issue.

Improve Your Insulation

add insulation fall mobile home maintenance checklistFall is an excellent time to survey your house for any air leaks. Check your windows and doors and seal any drafty areas. This is also a great time to add insulation to outside walls.

You’ll be thankful when you get those winter heating bills, particularly if your home is in a northerly climate.

Check for any drafts, inspecting and replacing weather stripping and tightening the hinges on your doors. You may need to add caulk to these areas, too, to help keep cold air out and increase your mobile home’s energy efficiency.

Protect Your Pipes

check pipes fall mobile home maintenance checklistTurn off exterior faucets and drain water from outdoor pipes, sprinkler systems, and hoses. Cover your outdoor faucets and surround the pipes for the main water supply with good insulation.

This will help prevent frozen or broken water pipes in your mobile home this winter.

Tend to Your Plants

Fall is a great time to prune your trees, particularly those that are large or near your house. You also need to check on those that are close to electrical wires. Iced-over branches in the winter can break, fall, and damage your home. It’s not too difficult to handle the smaller trees and shrubs, but if your home is surrounded by electrical wires, this might be a task best left to the professionals.

You’ll also want to clean up your flowerbeds, mulching, weeding, and watering as needed. Bring in the houseplants that spent the summer outdoors. Fall is also a great time to update your landscaping to enhance curb appeal. This is particularly important if you are going to plant perennials and bulbs that will bloom in spring.

Preparing your mobile home for the long winter months ahead can be a daunting task — but it’s worth it. Conducting regular inspections and taking stock of any necessary repairs can save you a lot of time and effort come winter and spring. Keeping a pristine look will drastically increase the value of your mobile home. Familiarize yourself with the basics now so you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the autumn season.

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