Fall Cleanup Checklist for Your Manufactured Home

fall clean up

Fall cleanup is on our mind as the weather is getting colder and leaves are starting to turn. These are simple cleanup tasks for your home and lot that will make for an easier spring next year. (And for more great tips, check out Five Things for Under $100 That Extend the Life of Your Mobile Home.) In addition, if you have your home for sale, these are great ways to keep up the curb appeal.

Wash and put away yard furniture

garden furniture in snow
Furniture left in the snow like this can rust. Protect it with a cover or by bringing it indoors.

Fall cleanup should start with putting away outdoor furniture. If you have porch furniture, outdoor chairs or tables, get them ready for storage. Be sure and wash them first — you’ll be glad you did next spring! Cushions should be stored in something airtight to prevent creatures from making homes in them.

If you don’t have space to store in a shed or under a carport, many companies make patio furniture covers, which can help prolong the life of your furniture. If you have a tall shed, items like chairs can be hung from hooks so they don’t take up as much space.

Clean up and cover or store grills

Unless you are planning to grill your Thanksgiving turkey, this is also a great time to clean and store your grill. Clean racks and grease trays before you do — otherwise animals like squirrels and mice will find them. You don’t want to find a mouse nest when you open your grill next summer!

Empty out summer flower pots and put away yard ornaments

You might have some fall mums out on the porch, but keep in mind that when flower pots fill with water and freeze, they easily crack. This can destroy that beautiful planter. Clean up all those flowers that are past their season. Pots not being used should be emptied and stored. This is also a good time to store any seasonal yard decor.

Final mow of the season for your mobile home lot

As the weather cools, the grass will stop growing. Now is the time to do a final mow and trim, if you do your own yardwork. Make sure your yard equipment is ready for the long, quiet months ahead.

Plant spring blooming bulbs

Now is a great time to plant bulbs for spring and summer, like tulips, hyacinths, and crocus. These sunny flowers will bring a smile to your face when you drive into your community next year. Make sure to clean up all shovels and trowels. You don’t want them to rust over the winter.

Mulch planting beds

You can get a jump on spring weeds by mulching in the fall. Mulch the planting beds in your lot to make spring weed cleanup even easier. Mulch will also protect those bulbs you just planted.

Sweep or wash porches and decks

Because fall is a wet season and mud and dirt can accumulate on porches and decks attached to your manufactured home. Before you store your garden hose for the season, you might want to give everything a good wash.

Clean out gutters

gutter clean up
Even if you have gutter guards, you should check to make sure they are still functioning.

Leaves and debris accumulate in home gutters this time of year. This can cause melting snow and ice to back up and damage your roof. First, clean out gutters along the edges of the roof, then run water from your hose down the downspouts to look for clogs.

Put away hose

Once you have all the fall cleaning complete, it is time to empty the garden hose and store it. Otherwise, water in the hose can freeze and damage it.

Check shed and outdoor structures

Recently, we posted an article on How to Repair a Shed. That article has a ton of great tips on how to clean up and repair that structure. With the weather getting colder, many small creatures like to move into sheds, garages and storage areas. Make sure to read our tips on things you can do to prevent critters from moving in.

Thinking about selling your mobile home?

While many people think of spring as home-selling season, fall and winter can be a great time to find a home buyer. As we move into the snowy season, check out this article in the Villager on Winter Sales – Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter.