Escape the Renting Cycle Once and For All

Living in an apartment can have many drawbacks. High monthly rent. Noisy neighbors that roll bowling balls across their floor (your ceiling) at all hours of the day and night. Lack of in-unit appliances like laundry. The worst part of the apartment living experience is that, for many, it can seem impossible to escape the renting cycle and move out of an apartment and into a home. 

That’s where manufactured housing can come in. With prices far more affordable than the average site-built home, you can make your dream of homeownership come true. Think about your own home, more affordable monthly housing costs, neighbors that don’t live directly above you, and your own laundry appliances to use. Not to mention the increased peace of mind and security. 

Let’s go deeper into some of these and explore how you can escape the renting cycle once and for all by buying a manufactured home of your own:

Affordability of Manufactured Homes Compared to Renting

On average, manufactured homes cost around $92,911 for a new manufactured home and $60,733 for a pre-owned manufactured home, based on 2021 sales data from Datacomp. When it comes to the monthly home costs you’d pay in a manufactured home, they usually rank in the high hundreds of dollars, depending on factors such as location and whether or not you pay a lot rent.

Compare that to your average apartment rent ($1,124 in 2021, according to Statista) and the cost-savings are evident. For many living in suburban or urban centers, your rent may be even higher. Right away, the financial benefits of owning a manufactured home are evident. 

Quality of Life Improvement

This part’s worth mentioning again: you’ll most likely see a significant quality of life increase if you move from an apartment into a manufactured home. 

Noisy neighbors above, below, and to all sides of you? If you own your own manufactured home, that’s no longer an issue. Someone’s floor will not be your ceiling. 

Taking an elevator or a tall flight of stairs just to get to your front door? Not with a manufactured home. You can walk right up to your front door without the hassle of a staircase. 

Some apartments don’t even include washers or dryers in the units themselves. With a manufactured home, you’ll have your own washer and dryer, so you’ll never have to leave the house to do laundry again. 

With all of these conveniences and more, not to mention the cost savings on top of that, manufactured homes in 2022 are becoming more and more of a no-brainer. 

Security and Privacy

In a manufactured home environment, you get to take charge of your own home security if you own your home – ranging from the type of locks you’d like to use, to your home security system of choice.

That’s just one example of how manufactured homes offer increased security and privacy over an apartment setting. There’s also the increased privacy that comes from not living as closely to your neighbors, and the security that comes with being able to outfit your door with whatever kind of locks you choose. 

Some modern manufactured homes even come with garages or carports for storing your vehicles and other necessary tools, giving you that much more space and security for your belongings. 

Own Your Own Home

It goes without saying that when you rent your apartment, you never truly own the place that you call home. Sure, there may be some benefits when it comes to maintenance and utilities, but the increased cost of living that comes from high monthly rent payments quickly outweigh any positives. 

However, when living in a manufactured home, you can own your home. This means: 

  • Generally lower monthly housing payments 
  • Freedom to decorate or modify your home in most cases 
  • Perform home maintenance on your own schedule 
  • The freedom to paint your walls any color you choose
  • Owning any pet that you like if your home is on private land
  • Enjoy more space in your home 

You can also choose to own your manufactured home either on private land or in a manufactured home community. In a community, also known as a land-lease community, you own the home, but lease the land it sits on. Manufactured home communities are great for residents that want to take advantage of amenities that are available to them. 

Escape the Renting Cycle

Now that we’ve gone over all of the benefits of manufactured homes compared to apartments in 2022, the one question you might have is: “How do I get started?” 

The answer? MHVillage, the nation’s leading website for buying and selling manufactured homes. Get started on your manufactured home search today.

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