Dress for Success – Top 5 Ways to Dress Your Home To Sell!

spring home updates Dress your Home to Sell

Is your home ‘dressed to impress’?

Here are 5 tips to be sure you dress your home to sell!


Step One: ‘Home wash’ Anyone?Dress Your House to Sell

Unlike cars, we don’t regularly have our homes washed! You would be surprised how much grime can accumulate over the years. So, if you noticed that your white siding is looking a bit ivory, it’s nothing a strong powerwash can’t take care of. You could rent the equipment and do this yourself or this might be a job where bringing in the big sprayer, by hiring a company, might make more sense. Just like checking behind your kid’s ears, don’t forget about the little nooks and crannies. This means, gutters, porch steps and any other area that might have some hidden “treasures”.


Step Two: Siding and Shutters and Stain… Oh My!Dress your Home to Sell

If your home is on the older side you might want to look into an estimate for some new siding to freshen up the exterior. Depending on whether it’s metal or vinyl siding, replacement costs can vary. A new trend for those on a budget is throwing on a fresh coat of paint. Even just painting the shutters can make a huge difference. (Here is an interesting article from a family who painted their siding and were really happy with the results). Another great tip is adding or repairing a patio! If you already have wooden steps or a patio leading into the home, make certain any needed repairs are done, and add a fresh coat of stain.

“Patios added over 12 percent to a home’s value according to one study. While this may not be an easy, one-day DIY project, adding an attractive outdoor living area is something you can undertake on your own if you’re ambitious.”

-Matt Minor –“Curb Appeal by the Numbers”

Step Three: Fun with Flowers and FoliageDress Your Home To Sell

It is amazing the difference seasonal flower boxes or potted plants can make. However, you do want to be sure that whatever you choose, everything goes together as a complement to the home. While grabbing some random flower baskets from the bargain bin might sound like a good idea, it might be worth a few more dollars to be sure the flowers framing the home enhance the appearance, not distract. Also, don’t forget about the foundation. Adding some low shrubbery at the base of the home is a really elegant and simple touch.


Dress Your Home To Sell

Step Four: Lay of the Lawn

Now that the home has been power washed, repaired, freshened up and dressed with a few leafy friends, don’t forget about the lawn! A well-watered lawn that is trimmed and maintained is like a fresh haircut for a home. It not only will make the grass appear greener, it also will give a clean and sophisticated impression to the home buyer the moment they approach.

Step Five: Decor? Less Is More!

Similar to staging your home, you want to be sure that any lawn or exterior decor is simple and selected to enhance the home’s appeal. Don’t be afraid of open space. This allows the buyers to see their own taste instead of a reflection of yours.


By giving your home the attention it needs for the exterior, dressing the home to sell will truly enhance the curb appeal.

Thus, creating a positive energy with your potential buyers right from the start!


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