The Zen of Customizing a Manufactured Home in 2022

These days, people spend more time in their homes than ever. The same holds true for manufactured homes. In fact, many people now like to customize their manufactured home when buying one. 

Buying a manufactured home that’s tailored to your needs is an appealing option for consumers in 2022. Here, we’ll break down how to customize a manufactured home as well as the most popular customizations:

What is a Customized Manufactured Home? 

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A customized manufactured home is true to its name. It’s a manufactured home with features that are customized to your wants, needs, and desires. 

If you’re interested in customizing a new manufactured home, your first step is to find a dealer or manufacturer near you. A manufactured home dealer can provide many options for mobile home customization. You can also contact a manufacturer via the Models section on MHVillage.

MHVillage’s manufactured home dealer listings can show you dealers near you that sell customized manufactured homes. Some dealers even offer homes from many different brands. This gives you even more options when hand-selecting features of your manufactured home. 

Custom Features

As a manufactured homeowner, you have many options for custom features in your home. Here are just a few that you may consider: 

  • Kitchen countertops – these are one of the most popular customizable features of a manufactured home. If you want granite, marble, or slate countertops, you can customize them to whichever material you like best. And there can be many other materials to choose from, too!
  • Upgraded kitchen appliances – do you want the latest luxury appliances in your kitchen? If so, then customizing your manufactured home can be a great way to do that. 
  • A dedicated flex room – flex rooms are great for use as a home office, playroom, or whatever your needs are. 
  • Fireplaces – these are a great addition to a living room to provide some ambience. Not only that, but they make for a warm place to gather during the wintertime. 
  • Exterior siding – want to make your manufactured home’s siding a different color? What about a different material altogether? Some manufacturers may have that option. 
  • Flooring – hardwood flooring throughout your house. Your favorite color of carpeting. Custom flooring designs. These are all possible by customizing your flooring.
  • Energy-efficient windows – want to save money on your energy bills? You can customize your windows to be the most energy-efficient models out there.
  • Dual-flush toilets – these energy-efficient toilets, which have different flush settings to save water, are an option with many manufactured home models. 
  • Spa-style tubs – this is a highly popular customizable feature. Many manufactured homeowners choose to have a spa-style tub in their bathroom. 
  • Customizable sink hardware – want a bronze faucet for your sink? You can do that by customizing the bathroom in your manufactured home.

These aren’t the only features of a manufactured home that you can customize. But, they are some of the most popular.

Customizable Floor Plans

Some manufactured home builders even allow you to modify a floor plan. 

For manufactured homes, a floor plan lays out the size and position of every room in the home. Usually, these floor plans come standard with different models of manufactured homes. 

However, manufacturers will offer customizations based on different tweaks to the floor plan. Some manufacturers allow you to change the position of the master bathroom. Others may have options for kitchen or bedroom layouts, too. You can even customize a home so it has a home office for remote work! 

Are you interested in a customized floor plan? If you are, look around for manufacturers near you that offer this option. 

If you’re looking for another way to browse luxury mobile homes for sale near you, MHVIllage is here to help. You can also browse for manufactured home floor plans to see what customization options are available.  

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