Create A Simple Space Kids Will Love

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Simplifying life with kids is something many argue cannot be done. But families are downsizing in droves. They look to find solace in decreasing their home size so they can increase their savings account and choose to build memories close together.

Small spaces for families are about more than just a space for sleeping. A kid-friendly area needs to be a place that lends itself to play and education as well.

Creating a great kid space inside of your simple home that can accommodate one or multiple kids’ needs is possible.

Keep in mind that every child learns and plays differently. However, these tips can be applied to creating everything from a preschool area to a high school room, a professional office to a crafting space in your kid-dedicated living area.

For instance, incorporating a calming zone for sensory sensitive little ones that can double as a reading nook or a place to play games will offer privacy that can grow with your children as they age.

Simple space furniture rug

Make Large Items Foldable In A Simple Space

Desks and shelving can take up a lot of space in a simplified home. So, making the best use of vertical space is crucial. A wall-mounted desk can save on floor space as well as create a place for storage. Many of these desks have internal storage for office supplies as well as a workspace. This makes them a great addition for the home office or creative space for kids.

Shelving folds for storage or travel times. It comes back up when a work or play surface is needed. This can be great to pair with small bins of toys or books that make the packing up a breeze. Use this type of storage system to free an area on the floor for play.

Make The Space Creative

Simple space for kids creative artWhether you brighten it up with paint, decorate with decals or create a photo collage, make the creative space somewhere you and your children will want to spend time.

The use of a bright color palette, kid-friendly wall decals and trendy items like globes and succulents can bring the outdoors in and make a space feel like home.

Always finds ways to let natural light in whenever possible as well to make a small, simple space seem larger.

Simple space organize small items

Organize The Small Things

Whether you choose bins, containers, or totes, small items can get lost in a simplified house just the same as one with more stuff in it. So, keeping things organized is important. We recommend using a small metal rolling cart and magnetized bins, buckets, and small containers so the inside and outside of each shelf are most efficiently used. These are an affordable accessory for a play area or office space.

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Visibly Separate The Simple Space

The use of items like rugs and shelving to break up a larger open space into smaller more divided rooms without putting up walls can create a feeling of privacy. Also, this allows the room to remain open for ventilation and to ensure that it still seems roomy. Using a large rug to separate an office from the rest of a kids’ bedroom is a great way to make one large area into a pair of spaces. This also allows the child to feel like they have a place that is all theirs.

Whenever Possible, Make Spaces Multi-Functional

It is common for a school room or kid’s play area to double as an office. This is similar to a kitchen bar that is used for studying and eating dinner, too. Consider the use of large items, like a Murphy bed, that doubles as shelving or decorative storage. Making the most out of storage space is particularly crucial for manufactured and mobile homes. Interior real estate is a hot commodity so most designs need to be space saving and multi-functional.

Discussing these and other creative design options will allow you to create the perfect space inside your home that will welcome your kids while they are young and allow them to grow in it over time.

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