Clayton Commercial Speaks To Overlooked Homebuyers

Clayton Commercial Prefabulous® Home

High Quality, Well-Priced Prefabricated Homes are the Focus of Clayton Commercial on National Television

There is a bevy of overlooked homebuyers in the U.S. who want a new home at a good price. And Clayton Homes has a message for them.

Take a look at Prefabulous®.

Clayton Commercial Kitchen
Prefabricated homes come with new, state-of-the-art materials and appliances of the homebuyer’s choosing. Photos courtesy of Clayton Homes.

“This campaign was created to help more families realize they can attain a beautiful, quality home without sacrificing modern amenities.”

– Kevin Clayton, Clayton Homes

What is Prefabulous®?

Clayton, based in Maryville, Tenn., has launched a national TV campaign that ties together “prefab” homes and the “fabulous” value and lifestyle available to consumers. The company initiated the campaign during fall college football in 2017 and returns with a 60-second Prefabulous® commercial that will air nationwide.

The new Clayton commercial tells customers how the modern prefab home can meet the needs of today’s millennial and Baby Boomer buyers in particular. Buyers can expect a new home built quickly, to high-efficiency standards, with gadgets and amenities that are sure to please. All for a price that’s well below the national median for a site-built home with land.

Clayton Homes Answers the Housing Crisis

Clayton Commercial Family Needs
The new Prefabulous® Clayton Commercial addresses the needs of overlooked homebuyers and their families.

The average price of a new site-built home in 2019 is about 300,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Whereas, prefab homes offer an attainable solution starting under $200,000 in most markets plus cost of land.

“There really is a deficit of available homes for families today,” Clayton VP of Retail Marketing Carl Hill said during a behind-the-scenes mini documentary on the Clayton commercial.

New homes built off-site come at a lower cost because of the efficiencies involved with a climate-controlled facility. So, there are fewer, if any, weather delays. Builders can buy in bulk, passing on cost savings to customers. Also, the production line nature of building inside takes less effort and less time for carpenters, plumbers and electricians, for instance. Buyers get the benefit of all the same trade labor from outdoor builds but with the added advantage of that builder operating in a clean, dry place.

As a result, each prefab home comes to the customer with less damage and less waste than its site-built counterpart.

“The way we build our homes is not just different,” Hill said. “But it’s a smarter way to build.”

Where Do Clayton Homes Come From?

Clayton Homes, one of the largest home builders in the country, is a Berkshire Hathaway company and has 40 homebuilding locations in the United States. Additionally, Clayton sells homes through a national network of Clayton Home Centers, as well as in partnership with independent home dealers.

Clayton VP of Marketing Mike Duncan said all materials seen in the commercial came from Clayton homebuilding facilities. This allowed producers to re-create a Prefabulous home for the set.

Available prefab home features:
  • Permanent foundation with porch
  • Open floor plan concept
  • Upgraded all-wood cabinets and farmhouse sink
  • ecobee3 lite smart thermostat and energy efficient appliances
  • Wide plank flooring and drywall interior
Clayton Commercial Factory Built Home
A new Prefabulous® Clayton Home on private land looks to change the perception of what factory-built means.

The Slick New TV Commercial From Clayton Homes

The Clayton commercial takes the viewer inside the set of a home building facility. The viewer follows a family through a beautiful Clayton Built® home as it’s being constructed, highlighting high-end features and modern design.

“Homes built off-site offer higher quality, more value and a smart solution to the affordable housing crisis in America,” said Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes. “This campaign was created to help more families realize they can attain a beautiful, quality home without sacrificing modern amenities.

“Off-site construction can make the dream of homeownership a reality by leveraging innovative building practices, automation and bulk purchasing power,” he said.

Building in a factory provides unique access to quality housing at a variety of income levels.

“Clayton is uniquely positioned to bridge the affordability gap using both on-site and off-site home construction methods,” said Clayton. “Our goal as a company and industry is to democratize luxury and provide attainable homeownership for all families.”

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