The Ins and Outs of Buying a Mobile Home in Indiana

If you’re looking in Indiana for a manufactured home to purchase, then you’re in luck. Why? Because Indiana is one of top markets for manufactured housing in the country. 

No matter what stage of the mobile home buying process you’re at, let the MHVillager help you out in your journey. Here are the ins and outs of buying an Indiana mobile home: 

Indiana as a Mobile Home Market

Indiana is one of the most active states in the Midwest for manufactured home buying, not to mention the entire country. 

One of the main reasons for this is the affordability factor. Indiana is home to some of the most affordable manufactured homes,  both new and pre-owned, in the entire country. 

In fact, according to 2021 sales data from Datacomp, the average sales price for a new manufactured home in Indiana came out to around $69,720. Meanwhile, pre-owned mobile homes in the Hoosier State sold for an average of $39,213. 

Given the blooming market for both types of manufactured homes in the state, it’s easy to see why Indiana is so popular for manufactured homeowners. And, when you compare that to average sale prices for site-built homes, which are often in the six-digit range, it makes the appeal of mobile homes that much greater.

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re getting ready to purchase an Indiana mobile home, there are a few things you should ask yourself before you start the process: 

Do you want to live on private land? 

There are two ways to buy a mobile home: in a manufactured home community, or on private land. 

There are advantages to both. If you buy a mobile home on private land, you’ll have more privacy and as much space as your land allows for expansions onto your home. 

You can read more in the MHVillager about buying a mobile home on private land

How big of a mobile home do you need?

When you’re shopping for mobile homes in Indiana, not only should you consider the square footage of the home, but the type of mobile home you’re buying, too. 

See, manufactured homes are often referred to as single-section or multi-section. If a manufactured home has more than one section, it means that each section of the home is joined together once it’s been shipped to the final home site. 

For many, a single-section or single-wide mobile home is more than enough. Some single-wides can measure up to 1,400 square feet. However, if you’re moving into a manufactured home with your family, or would like a spare room or two for a home office, it may be worth looking into multi-section mobile homes in Indiana.  

If you’re looking for a community, what amenities are important to you?

One of the biggest advantages of living in a manufactured home community are the amenities that they provide. 

If you’re considering a move into a manufactured home community, consider whether that community has the right amenities that you’re looking for. For example, if you’re an avid swimmer, finding a park that has a swimming pool on-site might be important to you. Or, maybe you want to find a community that has a dog park on-site for your furry friend. Or, maybe you’ve been meaning to take up shuffleboarding.

The Closing Process

Once you’ve placed an offer on an Indiana mobile home that you like, you’ll begin the closing process once it’s been accepted. This may involve a counter-offer from the seller before they accept your offer, or accept a different one in some cases. 

After your offer has been accepted, you’ll want to have your new Indiana mobile home inspected to verify its condition. 

From there, it’s a matter of ensuring your financing is secured before the closing paperwork begins. The type of closing paperwork will vary from state to state, but at the very least you’ll sign a transfer of ownership agreement, a bill of sale, and other documents relating to your financing. 

Indiana-Specific Considerations

Buying a mobile home in Indiana means that you’ll need to have a title for the home that is registered with the state. Specifically, in Indiana, you’ll have your home titled through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). 

One aspect of the titling process that is very important to know is that the application requirements are different for new and pre-owned manufactured homes. You can find the application forms for each at the Indiana BMV’s website.

Finding Your Perfect Mobile Home

So, if you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned manufactured home to call your own in the state of Indiana, you’re probably wondering how you can find a mobile home that’s perfect

Well, like many things, perfection is subjective. But, to find the best mobile home for you, you should check out MHVillage, the nation’s leading platform for buying, selling, and renting manufactured homes. 

With MHVillage’s mobile home search page, you can browse mobile homes in Indiana to find one near you that meets what you’re looking for. And, you can even contact the seller of a particular home you’re interested in, right from the listing. 

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