Buying a Double Wide Mobile Home

Buying a double wide mobile home
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Double wide manufactured homes are among the most popular styles of affordable housing in America. These spacious and attractive homes are a great option for any stage of life, whether you’re a young family seeking a starter home, an empty-nester right-sizing your lifestyle or anyone else looking for a cost-effective way to own your own home.

How does buying a double-wide work, and what factors should double-wide buyers be aware of? In this article, we’ll discuss the key information that double wide manufactured home buyers need to know.

Double Wide Basics

A single wide manufactured home has a typical width of 18 feet or less. However, many homebuyers need more space, which is why double wide manufactured homes are a popular size option. The size of a double wide home can vary, but will typically have a width between 20 and 36 feet. The square footage of a double-wide can range anywhere from 800 square feet to over 2,000 square feet in larger models.

Mobile home sizes chart

A double wide is manufactured in two sections, each approximately the size of a single wide manufactured home, that are designed to fit together. The sections are delivered separately and then bolted together during the setup process. The line at which the two homes are joined is called the marriage line, and it’s typically sealed with a durable gasket to keep it safe from moisture and dirt.

Why Buy a Double-Wide? 

There are many reasons why double wides have become a preferred housing solution for millions of homeowners, but most come down to getting more value for your money. Double wides are known for all of the following benefits:

  • Provide substantially more space than single wide manufactured homes 
  • Cost substantially less than site-built homes with comparable square footage 
  • Offer a much greater variety of mobile home floor plans than single wides  
  • Available all over the country 
  • Often include more bedrooms and bathrooms than single wides 
  • Give growing families the space they need 
  • Come in a wide variety of sizes to suit a variety of homeowner needs 
  • Often include desirable home features like fireplaces, bay windows, and skylights
double wide mobile home open layout
Open, spacious layout of a double wide

Finding the Perfect Double Wide

Today’s double wide buyers are increasingly finding their best options online. MHVillage has tens of thousands of double wide manufactured homes for sale, with an easy-to-use database that allows users to filter listings by state, city, bedrooms and bathrooms, price, and many other important factors.

Sell a Florida Mobile Home on MHVillage

Another way to find a great double wide is to look for manufactured home communities that fit your needs. Since double wides are a common type of manufactured home, it can be as easy as asking the sales agent for double wide options in your community of choice.

A double wide is a big investment just like any home purchase, so make sure to keep these important factors in mind when selecting one:

  • Decide first whether you want to buy a new or used double wide. Those looking for new mobile homes for sale should check MHVillage’s listings of mobile home floor plans near you.
  • Go into the buying process with a firm idea of how much you’re able to spend.
  • Get a professional appraisal and inspection on any used double wide you’re seriously considering. Ask the seller for appraisal and inspection records.
  • Avoid jumping at the first option you see. It’s better to shop around and compare options to find a double wide that checks all the boxes.

Financing a Double Wide Mobile Home

Several options are typically available for financing the purchase of a double wide:

  • If you’re buying a double wide on a permanent foundation on land that you will own, you may be able to obtain a traditional mortgage from a bank.
  • You and your family may qualify for certain government loans, such as VA loans or USDA Rural Development loans, that can be used to finance a double-wide.
  • Chattel mortgages are another type of financing that can be used to purchase a double-wide. These loans are used to purchase a home when the buyer intends to purchase only the home and pay rent on their lot.

If you’re purchasing a double-wide through a manufactured home dealer or through a manufactured home community, the dealer or agent will usually be able to recommend financing options.

MHVillage has the widest selection of double wides in America, thanks to our tens of thousands of manufactured home listings. Just visit our Mobile Homes for Sale page to browse our selection of double wide mobile homes. And for more buying tips, be sure to check our guide for buying a manufactured home.

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