Here’s Why You Should Buy a Pre-Owned Mobile Home Today

Pre-owned manufactured homes offer prospective home buyers immense value that cannot be passed up in today’s market. 

When buying a manufactured home or a mobile home, you’re already saving thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on your living experience, and that’s doubly true if you buy your mobile home used. 

If you’re looking to buy a used mobile home, here are some of the benefits in store for your home buying journey: 

Value For Your Money

We know everything isn’t about the money, but it’s still the biggest selling point when talking about used manufactured homes near you. 

From an affordability standpoint, manufactured homes are already incredibly more cost-accessible than your average site-built home – by nearly 90 percent, in fact. The average price of a manufactured home sits at around $45,000 according to the Manufactured Housing Institute – far lower than the average price tag of $443,000 for a site-built home, based on Statista data. 

When it comes to used mobile homes, you’ll often find even more affordable homes given the rate at which mobile homes appreciate. Given their high quality builds and reliability long after they’re built (more on that below), purchasing a used mobile home is the way to go for millions of American families.  

Not only that, but when buying a used mobile home from a dealer, you may have more options for financing your mobile home purchase at your disposal. And, you especially have greater options for mobile home financing compared to a site-built home. This is because new and used mobile homes don’t rely on traditional mortgages like a site-built home does. 


Modern manufactured homes are built to standards enacted in 1976 by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When a manufactured home is built to “HUD Code,” it means that it is held to highly strict specifications that are enforced at the federal level, making them an extremely safe option for homeowners. 

This means that used manufactured homes on the market that were built after 1976 are built to standards relating to fire and wind resistance, energy efficiency, and innovations in the home’s foundation that make them more reliable than ever. If you’re shopping on a budget, you cannot go wrong with a reliable used manufactured home.


In the same vein as reliability, modern manufactured homes are built with high quality and luxury in mind. 

Today’s used manufactured homes can offer top-of-the-line features, including: 

  • Smart appliances 
  • Spa-like bathrooms, some with jacuzzi-style tubs
  • Wide, spacious bedrooms
  • Open-concept kitchens 
  • Barn-style doors 

Because manufactured homes, and used manufactured homes, are produced so efficiently, there’s sometimes extra room for these kinds of luxury features. If you’re looking for a used mobile home with an open kitchen, or a jacuzzi tub, you can curate your mobile home search with that in mind. 

Take Advantage of Amenities

By living in a used mobile home in a park, you can access a number of amenities and fixtures that would otherwise be unavailable outside of a community setting. 

These can range from laundry facilities, to athletic courts, to lounges and clubhouses, to dog walking trails and parks, to pools and spas for your enjoyment and relaxation. By buying a used mobile home in a community or park, you can use many of these amenities if they’re available all while saving thousands of dollars as part of your home ownership experience. 

Many communities even offer basic utilities, such as water, trash disposal, and internet, as part of your monthly lot rent, promoting even further cost savings. 

Ready to start your homebuyer’s journey? Browse MHVillage today to view our selection of used mobile homes in your area. You can also filter your search based on whether a home is based in a community, is a certain size, and many other criteria. 

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