How to Buy a Mobile Home in Arizona

If you’re getting ready to purchase your next home, or maybe even your first home, then a mobile home in Arizona should be high on your list. Why? Because the year-round warm weather makes the Grand Canyon state not only a scenic place to settle down or start a family, but the value you get out of buying a manufactured home in Arizona has never been higher. 

Here, we’ll go over the process for buying a mobile home in Arizona, and everything you’ll need to go through the process from start to finish. 

Start With Your Wants and Needs 

Before you decide to start your Arizona mobile home search, it’s important to put together a list of wants and needs – things that you’d like to have in your new manufactured home, and things that you MUST have. 

There are a number of things to consider when putting this list together, such as:

  • Condition: Do you want to buy a new manufactured home in Arizona, or a used one? While new manufactured homes offer a guarantee that everything from the appliances down to the foundation will be in the best condition possible, they will generally be more expensive. Used homes in Arizona, meanwhile, offer a fantastic value for your money, while still being in good condition given their build quality when they are new, but does require some due diligence to  
  • Size: will you be living in your manufactured home by yourself, with a partner, or with your whole family? This question will determine the size of the manufactured home you should buy. If you’re living alone or with a partner, a single-wide manufactured home, most commonly measuring 16’ by 80’, will be your best bet. For families looking to buy a manufactured home, you may be more comfortable in a double-wide, which can vary more often in its measurements but offer more space for you and your loved ones to relax and spend time in. 
  • Location: Arizona is full of beautiful cities to live in, with gorgeous landscapes, warm weather, and affordable manufactured homes across the entire state. If there is a particular city in the state that is calling you home, narrow your search for mobile homes for sale in Arizona to only that city and the surrounding area. ensure you narrow your search to only that city and the surrounding area.    
  • View: some manufactured homes in Arizona offer picturesque views of the local scenery, whether it’s a nearby park or the Grand Canyon itself. Many manufactured home owners prioritize finding a home where they watch the sunrise over the scenic horizon, so consider whether this is important to you as you begin your manufactured home search in Arizona. 
  • Community or Private Ownership?: Manufactured home owners in communities can take advantage of amenities and other benefits that offer an idyllic lifestyle. These communities, some of which are all-ages and some of which are for those age 55 and up, mean that residents live in a manufactured home on which the land is leased. Before beginning your mobile home search, think about whether the community lifestyle is for you or whether owning a home on your own land is more important. 

Figure Out Budget

Now that your wants and needs are figured out, it’s time to set your budget. 

The average price of a new manufactured home in Arizona is $102,865 for a single-wide, according to 2021 sales data. This offers cost-savings compared to site-built homes that average around $450,000 in cities like Phoenix. 

Even with their affordability, it’s important to determine a budget for your manufactured home shopping experience. Take time to explore what homes in Arizona sell for and determine how high you’re willing to go. 

It’s also worthwhile to ensure your credit is in order before you commit to buying a manufactured home. If you need to boost your credit score, it’s usually best to limit the amount of new accounts you open, pay down currently existing debt, and catch up on past-due accounts. Many lenders will also offer loans for manufactured home buyers with less than stellar credit. 

Look In Your Market

Now comes the fun part – browsing for homes in your area! MHVillage makes it easier than ever to search for new or used manufactured homes in Arizona that are in your desired market. 

Not only that, but MHVillage offers specific filtering options for your mobile home search. Want to look for manufactured homes with two bathrooms, or specifically for homes for sale by owner? MHVillage has you covered. 

Once you’ve found a home that you’re ready to learn more about, tour, or even place an offer on, you can contact the seller directly to arrange next steps and begin the buying process. This will usually involve touring the home for yourself, getting a feel for the neighborhood or community, and ultimately placing an offer if you feel the home is right for you.  

Arizona-Specific Preparations 

Arizona is one of many states that requires a manufactured home to be properly titled. In this case, the Arizona Department of Transportation will issue the title for the home. If your home has multiple sections, each one may require their own title. 

At the county level, you may also need an Affidavit of Affixture from the county if you’re placing your mobile home on land that you own. A mobile home dealer, if you purchase your home from them, can help you with this process. 

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