8 Romantic Ideas for Decorating Your Manufactured Home

Romantic Ideas for Decorating Your Manufactured Home

Valentine’s Day-inspired Ideas for Decorating Your Manufactured Home — Spark Romance!

Valentine’s Day should be viewed as a romantic holiday that prompts more than the simple greeting card or box of candy, but rather serves as a celebration of love that easily can be fueled by a few romantic decorating ideas.

Romantic ideas for decorating your manufactured home can be implemented in every room, especially the rooms where your love might least expect a reminder of your appreciation and devotion.

From rose petals in the bedroom to heart-shaped garland in the laundry room, we have put together 8 romantic decorating ideas for your manufactured home.

1. Rose Petals and Flowers

Yes, rose petals sprinkled in the bedroom is a classic and not-so-subtle romantic gesture. However, petals left on the bloom are a more traditional and heartfelt approach.

Use flowers for decorating your manufactured home
Roses and rose petals are an ideal expression of love.

Do you know which type of flower your love most likes? If not, find out and find out soon. Perhaps ask a friend or family member who you can trust. Red roses are the long-held favorite for Feb. 14, but some might prefer yellow or pink. Let the recipient dictate, even if the choice is more gerber daisy than red rose. After all, creating a Valentine impression is about the recipient.

Buy flowers for a touch of color and elegance in every room, or at least as many as you can manage. And don’t forget about arrangements for porch or exterior of the home.

2. Everything You Want by Candlelight

Candles and romance go hand in hand, particularly as part of a centerpiece for a romantic holiday dinner. Whether you’ve done the cooking or ordered in, the staging for the dinner should be all you!

For the candles, buy a nice new item or two. Or if you’re the over-the-top type, collect every candle in the house and let the entire place flicker in lovely candlelight. If you are going with quantity, keep track of those scented candles so you don’t have them all going at once. The cacophony of aromas could be a bit unsettling even for the best of sports.

Kitchen decorating your manufactured home
Homemade placemats for your holiday dining are lively and expressive.

3. Pull out the Specialty Dining Set for Decorating Your Manufactured Home

Don’t let special occasions pass you by without digging out the specialty dining set as part of your effort toward romantic decorating ideas. If you’re fortunate like me, your significant other’s grandparents handed down a brilliant set of red glassware for special occasions. That’s sure to be a hit on Valentine’s Day. But think back to the last time you pulled out the fine china? Or even a simple change to the “old” dining set you used when you were a young couple could set forth some renewed emotion.

4. Let Some Poetry Set the Mood

Never put pen to paper for a poem? All the better! The best gifts are about surprise and delight. If you’re not the type of person to offer love letters, take advantage of that. Your unsuspecting mate will be thrilled even if you lack in eloquence what you’ve seemed to have gained in spontaneity.

Get a piece of notebook paper and begin by writing down short phrases that touch on what you love most about your partner, about places you’ve visited together, inside jokes, pet names or any other experience or idea shared mutually if not exclusively together. When you see the list of phrases build up to, say, a dozen or so, perhaps a pattern will appear. Harness that as inspiration and begin to build a poem around that idea.

If you’re really not feeling the role of the romantic poet, do some web research and find your favorite romantic poems or short-short stories. Cut and paste it for printing to some beautiful paper, in a lavish but readable font, and place them in strategic places throughout the home. What better way to go about decorating your manufactured home than using poetic language? Maybe create a stand for one on the dining table. Or lay them out with the rose petals. Pick one or two to read aloud. And if you really want to create something new, with a little help, take a look at this free love poem generator.

Homemade crafts decorating your manufactured home
Items found around the house can be put to good use for decorating your manufactured home on Valentine’s Day.

5. Decorating Your Manufactured Home in Hues of Red and Pink

There is a lot that goes into styling a home, but color may be tops among the many. No matter how balanced or textured your decorative touch may be, the impact can be lost without the right dose of color. For Valentine’s decorating ideas, sprinklings of red and pink will be a frontrunner.

Check the linen closets, storage containers and deep shelf spaces for color combinations that work. “I Love You More” throw pillows or avant-garde romantic art can serve as reminders of your romantic relationship and time-well-spent. Don’t overdo it, just sprinkle these “love artifacts” in a few thoughtful locations throughout to decorate your manufactured home.

Of course, anything that’s homemade, or created through inspiration provided by your favorite person, will carry the most weight. Get out the paint and wood blocks to begin your own collection of avant-garde romantic art. Make or adapt the candle holders. Or sew your own pillow covers.

Get creative in decorating your manufactured home

6. Put on the Love Tunes

Anytime there’s a special occasion that involves an audience, many of us immediately think “make a playlist”. In this case, you have a very important audience of one. Put together some music from your courtship or wedding day. Pick out some tunes from a recent show you’ve seen. Or gather up some new songs from an artist your mate appreciates most. Remember to create some “white noise” in the playlist. You want individual attention and conversation to flow freely. So, don’t overburden yourself with track after track of lyric-heavy love songs. Make sure to intersperse some acoustics tracks and orchestral movements, which can be lovely in their own right.

7. Sweet Treats for the One You Love

Not everyone wants chocolate for Valentine’s Day. OK, almost everyone wants chocolate for Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t need to be the last-minute drug-store selection of labeled milk-chocolate in a box. Buy some strawberries or other fruit of choice. Buy some baker’s chocolate, also called melting chocolate. Put the chocolate in a saucepan over low heat and stir until creamy. Dip the fruits and lay them out to dry. Put them on a pink or red platter for display. Now you’re on to something!

8. What Jewels! (or other romantic gifts)

What is your main gift? The collection of lovelies you’ve created, from the color to the culinary treats, will serve as a cumulative surprise for your Valentine. However, if you have the time and resources, make a purchase or offering that will be the central impact of the celebration.

Remember, this is about providing someone you care about with something that garners great desire. This does not have to be the Hope Diamond of Valentine’s gifts. Rather, it should be a keepsake that your love can wear or reflect upon with admiration throughout the year.

decorating your manufactured home love book
Special crafts such as a homemade book detailing the ’52 Reasons I Love You’ are both a beautiful gift and wonderful home decor. Photo courtesy of Paper Vine.

Here is a great example of a homemade project. With a little time, thoughtfulness and love, you can create a small “52 Reasons I Love You” book that can be given as a gift and left in a special place for reflection and home decor.

So, regardless of what you have in mind, follow your heart and get out the construction paper and glue for a creation that will both delight your Valentine and spruce up your home for the holiday.