5 Family Benefits Associated with Small House Living

What are the Biggest Perks for Small House Living?

When a family considers tiny living, they usually are most daunted by the decreased space. However, most learn a long list of life lessons on small house living once they’ve downsized. And, adults can learn much from kids who experience the tiny lifestyle. Here are five big benefits of small house living to increase quality of life for the entire family.

Small house living volunteers
Community service and volunteer opportunities abound if you have the time to prioritize them.

Small House Living Perk #1: Community-Focused

Reducing your housing footprint provides more opportunity to devote to your local community. When decide on this type of home purchase, you have less to pay for and likely will have reduced pressure to work. This can provide more time and allow children to experience the rewards of volunteering, service projects, and community events. Teaching kindness can go a long way.

Small house living girl playing
Get outside and sink your feet into the earth.

Small House Living Perk #2: Teaching Life Skills

Using their ever-broadening imaginations to play outside or inside, kids begin to role play characters. This causes children to enter scenarios where problem solving and social skills are organically taught and learned. Allowing kids to play with wooden pieces of toy food allows for bakery, restaurant, soup kitchen, cafeteria, house, and many more imaginative ideas where each child becomes someone in the imaginary story line. Conflict inevitably arises and they learn each day how to work through things together.

small house living happy girl
More time for adventure will put a smile on your face.

Small House Living Perk #3: Get Outside

When you live as a family inside roughly 100 square feet per person, your house size encourages you to spend more time outdoors. Not only does that provide the natural benefits of vitamin D and “earthing” our toes into the dirt, it also provides the time to garden and focus more on sustainable living. Teaching these skills to children is extremely valuable. For active minds and little bodies, the outdoor interaction encouraged by small house living can be a great new way to look at education.

Family at play small house living
Spend more time together as a family, playing and laughing.

Small House Living Perk #4: Experience-Centered

When real estate decreases, it’s common to decrease the offering of tangible gifts for holidays and birthdays. Most people in small house living environs prefer the gift of intentional time together. This might include a laser tag game, a visit to the local art museum, science center or zoo. These are fun opportunities to make memories as a family and they don’t take up any space at all.

Small House Living Tiny Home
A smaller home means less to do around the house.

Small House Living Perk #5: Reduced Upkeep

Since square footage has been drastically reduced with a tiny home or park model, the cost and time spent with maintenance and upkeep is minimal. This affords you more time to spend together laughing, traveling, and creating memories.

As families adjust to tiny living, they are able to adjust to letting go of tangible things. There’s a greater penchant for the use of imagination. We can make way to be our best selves. And that kind of freedom is what we all seem to be chasing, no matter our age.

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