Why You Should Buy a Manufactured Home in 2022

Manufactured homes are a homeowner’s biggest opportunity for affordable, yet high-quality homes out there. 

Manufactured housing in 2022, whether you buy a manufactured home new or used, carries immense benefits that makes it easier to buy and own a home. So much easier, in fact, that 22 million Americans living in manufactured homes today have already done it. 

Here are some of the top benefits of manufactured homes in 2022:   


Manufactured homes are perhaps the easiest way for a homeowner to-be to realize that dream. 

When comparing manufactured homes to site-built homes, the average price of a manufactured home sits at around $45,000 according to the Manufactured Housing Institute – far lower than the average price tag of $443,000 for a site-built home, based on Statista data. 

That is nearly a 90% savings for what you get out of it, which is a high-quality home for you and your loved ones. 


There is often a misconception that owning a manufactured home means cutting back on quality, or the amount of livable space you have. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Today’s manufactured homes for sale are built with high-quality in mind, and it’s not hard to find homes that offer luxury fixtures, such as jacuzzi tubs, smart appliances in the kitchen and living room, and outdoor patios and decks. 

If you’d really like to go all-out, then mobile home dealers and manufacturers offer custom mobile home plans for you. If you want to customize the square footage of your mobile home, fit it with custom cabinets or appliances, or otherwise tweak your floor plan, custom mobile homes give you that option. 


The root of a manufactured home’s reliability is their strict standards for building materials, quality, and safety. Manufactured homes built after 1976 are subject to building code from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and this “HUD Code” is what ensures a manufactured home is built to last and offer its occupants a high-quality living experience. 

Security is also a factor when it comes to the reliability of a mobile home. Many mobile homes live in gated communities (more on that below) that offer peace of mind for their residents. 

Community Amenities

Many manufactured homes live in what’s known as a manufactured home community. It’s essentially what it sounds like – a community of manufactured homes where the residents can socialize together and take advantage of the amenities at their disposal. 

This can include: 

  • Swimming pools and spas 
  • Dog-walking parks 
  • Playgrounds
  • Lounges and clubhouses
  • Tennis and pickleball courts, among other athletic facilities 
  • Lakeside or oceanside views

Not only that, but manufactured home communities (sometimes referred to as mobile home parks or land-lease communities) may also include monthly utility payments, such as water, trash, electricity, and internet, as part of your monthly lot rent. If you’re considering moving into a manufactured housing community, check with the community management to see what specifically their site-lease fee includes. 

If we’ve convinced you that manufactured homes are the absolute best for affordable, quality living, then don’t wait. Start your manufactured home search today with MHVillage’s directory of manufactured homes for sale in your area.

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